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IonGen Premium Ionizer

The Industry Leader in Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology Economical & High End Performance

High Performance 05/07/09/11/13 Plates

MAX Large Plates – New Larger 05/07/09/11/13 Titanium Plates
MAX Next Generation SMPS Power System
Advanced Micom computer system
Widest range of pH and ORP
Dual internal filters with custom pre-filter system

New Larger Ultra Efficient Multi-Leval Electrolysis chambers
New Larger 05/07/09/11/13 Titanium/Platinum Plates

Iongen Water Ionizers with Solid and Mesh combination plate delivers an electrical current to the water through an array of positively and negatively charged Platinum coated Titanium plates.

The more the water passes in and out of the Titanium Solid & Mesh system and the greater the electrical charge to the water (especially when powered by the newer SMPS power systems) the higher the pH (potential of Hydrogen) and the ORP (Oxidation- Reduction Potential) of the drinking water.

MAX Yield SMPS Power System
Fully Adjust Power Up to 450 Watts ionizing power gives you the best pH and -ORP Your particular water source.SMPS provided more power, greater efficiency, and ultimate durability. Advanced Micom computer system

Premium Multi-Stage Media Ultra DUAL Filtration System

Clean & FRESH
The Iongen dual filtration system is made up of multi-level stage specialized media filter and a premium activated carbon filter.The Premium Activated Carbon filter is structured to improve the reduction of heavy metals and fluoride found in many city water sources.The silver activated carbon portion of the filter kills bacteria and keeps them from growing within the filter and being passed through the electrolysis chamber. The multi-level stage sediment filter reduces additional sediment particles in the water maintaining the life and performance of your water ionizer.

Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

  • Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water everyday is as good as drinking green juice.
  • In this era of fast food, we consume a lot of acidic food and drinks. Alkaline water helps to balance your body pH to a neutral level, which is how it should be.
  • Decreases oxidation in water, which is the Anti-Oxidation feature of the product, also known as the Anti-Ageing effect.
  • Stops growth of non-essential bacterias and viruses, which is the Anti-Bacterial feature of the product.
  • Improves the taste of water.
  • Decreases the molecular cluster size resulting in more absorption of water within our body

The Benefits of Acidic Water

Fresh meat & Astringent vegetables Soak fresh meat & astringent vegetables in alkaline for 20-30 min. To Remove the smell of fat Wash vegetables & fruits Wash vegetables & fruit with alkaline water for a long storage period Hangover Alkaline water is good for hangovers, when taking it before going to sleep or when the stomach is empty in the morning. Cocktail When the stomach is empty on the morning. An ice cocktail in alkaline water makes your fast Softener & Smoother. Cooking with Alkaline water The burning pungency of bamboo shoots. tree sprout, taros & brown Seaweeds will be eliminated & their unique taste will be retained. Eliminate fishy smell when using alkaline water in cooking with fish.  Cooking Rice Before getting rice cook: Wash RICE with ACIDIC water and soak it  in ALKALINE water for 30-60 min. When the rice is completely cooked. It become cooked ion rice. That has a good polish just as cooked GLUTINOUS rice & maintaining its freshness for a long period of storage. Coffee Red, tea Remove bitterness of coffee and Giving fragrance to both coffee & tea. Acidic water has an astringent and constricting effect on what it comes in contact with.For this reason, it will tighten and smooth your skin. It is particularly effective in the treatment and prevention of pimples and rashes. Some of the benefits of ACIDIC Water
  • Can help kill harmful bacteria.
  • Can help treat cuts. scrapes, blisters or rashes.
  • Fantastic astringent for the skin and makes your hair feel great!
  • Wash fruits, vegetables, meat and fish with it to kill bacteria.
  • Helps treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot.
  • Gargle with acidic water to help relieve a sore throat or other moth sores.
  • Brush with it to help reduce plaque (then rinse with regular water afterwards).
  • Many house plants love it (rain water is acidic) – It extends the life of cut flowers.
Skin and Hair  Acidic water at the 3 – 4 pH-level is perfect neutralizing the skin and hair [which should be about 5.5pH, but because of alkaline soaps and shampoos you use, the skin and hair are usually found to be way off – balanced,] Skin Toner and Conditioner Your acid mantle [outermost layer] of your skin is your body’s first line of defense against bacterial, fungal or viral infections. It is Important to maintain this acid mantle at about a 5.5 pH. However, because of the nature of soaps [soaps are typically a high alkaline pH in order to emulsify and flush away oils] the acid mantle is often left at too high of a pH after bathing or showering. The consequences of this is a breakdown of the acid mantle, drying of the skin, and roughness caused by a build-up of alkaline minerals left on the skin. Rinsing with acid water helps to remove the residual alkaline minerals and restore your skin to its perfect 5.5 ph-level. Hair Rinse The shampoo is most often found at a high alkaline pH. A high pH solution applied to your hair will open up the hair cuticles [the cuticle is the outermost hair-layer surrounding each hair shaft], and expose it to becoming dry and damaged.It is most beneficial to the health and beauty of your hair to close the hair cuticle.The cuticle opens with a high pH and closes with low pH. When you rinse with water at pH of about 3.0 to 4.0, this low pH water combines with the high pH of your newly washed hair and restores it to its ideal pH of about 5.5. Beauty Secret: Hair that has tightly closed cuticles has a smooth, shiny, silky look to it and doesn’t split at the ends. Natural, Healthy coolant Acidic water can be placed in a spray bottle and brought with you to sports or other outdoor events in hot weather.When you set your bottle to mist, this has an air-conditioning effect of cooling off your body. It’s healthier for you to use acid water at about a 5.5 pH your mister, rather than regular tap water, because the goal of misting is to cool yourself, not change the pH of your skin. The proper ph of your skin is about 5.5 pH. Plants Acid water at the pH levels of 5 – 7 ph is great for watering plants. Plants love the purified micro-clustered water,and they also love the water to be slightly acidic, Flowering plants tend to like lower acidity than green shade-plants.

Sanitized Water

Eight large and powerful electrode plates
Large LCD touch panel adoption
Eight languages display and voice prompt
Supporting multi-voltage power input (100-240v) Anywhere in the world

Customize your pH levels with 5 types of water to enhance your body, life, and environment.Excellent cleaning and disinfecting power Strong acidic water has excellent disinfecting power that help prevent food poisoning. Use it to clean & sterilize your produce, meat and cookware.

What is Strong Acidic water?
Strong Acidic  Water is a type of electrolyzed water containing hypochlorous acid produced by the anodes.It is produced as a result of adding electrolysis enhancer to the electrolysis reaction. In general, the pH is below 2.7, and the ORP is over 1, 100mV. It not a strong acidic chemical substance.

To sanitize knives, cutting board and dish towels
To disinfect your hands.
To disinfect your toothbrushes
To clean your skin
To remove tea and coffee stains
To eliminate odors

Cleaning Power : It has a strong effect to dissolve and clean materials.
Super Swelling Power : It softens materials quickly.
Dissolving Power : It has a strong power to dissolve and draw out substances.
Thermal Conduction : It doesn’t take long time to boil.

What is Strong IonGen water?
Strong IonGen Water is a type of electrolyzed water with an electron potential containing sodium hydroxide produced by the cathode. In general, the pH is over 11.0, and the ORP is 700mV or less. It is not a strong alkaline substance.

Strong IonGen water packs an effective cleaning effect as a detergent preserving hygiene in your daily life.To clean cutting boards, knives, and dishes remove slime and stains on the floor To remove stains from coffee, soy sauces To use for washing clothes (reduces the need for laundry detergent) To remove the harsh taste of wild vegetables To sterilize vegetables, meat.To remove toilet stains

Swelling Power : It has a power to soften substances.
Dissolving : It dissolves and draws out substances.
Thermal : It dosn’t take a long time to boil.

Healthy water IonGen Water improves the taste of your drinking water and food.
With coffee, or tea : Taste and aroma are everything. Using less coffee ans tea, but pulling out more flavor,
You’ll be amazed at the color, taste and aroma and achieve a fuller, richer taster.
With other strongly acidic foods : Drink Iongen water together when eating strongly acidic foods such as meat and egg.
The alkaline water helps your body balance the acidic effects.
When making soups and stews : Iongen water draws out the flavor of ingredients so your cuisine turns out tender and juicy.
You’ll need less seasoning, making it perfect for people trying to reduce their intake of salt.
Use for washing vegetables :  Use iongen water to remove the raw taste of onions and other strong-flavored vegetables.
In cooking rice : Iongen used to wash and cook rice brings out delicious and fluffy rice.

What is ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)?
ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a value theat measures the proportion of oxidizing ions (such as chloride ions) and reduction ions (such as calcium ions) in a solution. If this is a negative value, this solution is an electron donor and can be easily oxidized. If this is a positive value, the solution is an oxidizing solution and can be easily reduced. This value is shown in mV(millivolt) and is used as a reference to display the degree of chemical reaction.

Water for beauty
Astringency : It has the power to tighten substances.
Cleaning Power : It has the power to purify substances.

Acidic water is especially effective in toning the skin.
It helps to refresh th skin after a hot bath or shower and also works to close the pres after washing your face.For boiling pasta and making batters for frying.Noodles and pasta will take on a brilliant shine and improved texture as a result of boiling then in acidic water. Acidic water will also enhance the batter and crispy texture of fried foods.As a cleaner.Acidic water is effective in cleaning stains on dishes, cups, glasses, even bathroom tiles.

Water of security
Use clean water to make medication and make baby formula.The three – layered, high – power water filter removes not only chlorine but also sediment such as rust and impurities. Clean water tastes delicious and is filled with essential minerals. Clean water is best used to take medications and in making baby formula.

Point1 : Electrolysis cell with 8 electrode plates ensures high power.It is possible to produce a good amount of electrolyzed water of which the value of ORP is included in the range of +1130mV and -800mV and which boasts of good effects, by loading an electrolytic cell with eight electrode plates that use electrodes made of platinum plated titanium. (That depends on the choice of resulting water and original water) The Iongen water contains a lot hydroxide ions (OH-) and positive ions (such as calcium ions) produced by electrolysis, and it also contains hydrogen.

Point2 : A clear, easily viewable, Large LCD with a touch panel makes it easy to operate.A clear, easily viewable, Large LCD shows you the types of water being produced (Iongen water, Acidic water,Strong Acidic water and clean water) and other necessary information. Selection of water type can be made with only one touch. It is very easy to operate. Introduction of a touch panel has greatly enhanced ease of operation.Pressing the pH2.5 button simultaneously produces Strong Acidic Water from the spout and Strong Iongen water from the flexible pipes.

Point3 : With 8-languages display and voice prompt, you can use it with ease.For display and voice prompt, you can select from 8 languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese,Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (voice prompt changes auto-matically upon change of language display).

Point4 : Supporting multi-voltage power input, can be used anywhere in the world.As indicated in the figure below, voltages and plug shapes for electric power supply vary depending on countries and regions. This product supports multi-voltage power input that can be used anywhere in the world (accompanying power-supply cord varies depending on the country of use).

The three-layered, high-powered water-cleaning filter creating delicious water You will be able to use your water-cleaning filter until the total amount of water the filter has treated reaches around
1,600 gallons. That is to say, you can use it for six months supposing you use around 8 gallons of water per day.(This period differs depending on the quality and amount of water). It will be announced by the LCD, voice prompts,
and alarm when it is time to exchange the filter.The three-layered, high-powered water-cleaning filter removes matters such as lead, remaining chlorine (bleaching-powder), effluvium, rust, and impurity, and still keeps minerals.
When the flexible pipe is releasing Iongen water, the secondary pipe releases acidic water simultaneously. Similarly,when the flexible pipe is releasing strong Iongen water, the secondary pipe discharges strong acidic water.(The flexible pipe releases acidic water only when you push the button for acidic water.)