Air Purifier

Proved by research, Air Purifiers are more necessary for indoors than outdoors. Choose BioPlus Range of WinAir Air Purifiers.

People Think

Air Purifier

that air pollutants are only found outdoors. They take their homes for granted thinking that the air in their homes and workplaces is devoid of any pollutants. But that is not the case. Air travels everywhere and one cannot brand it as pure unless it has been filtered. The air in your homes and offices is not necessarily pure and filtered.


A normal person, on a regular basis, breathes around 13-14 kgs of air in a day. The air we consume can be estimated 7 times more than the water we drink or the food we eat. Since we tend to take our own environment for granted, we often forget that they tend to be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. We take our surroundings for granted not realising that the air we breathe in our personal space may not be as pure as we think.

With 21st-century homes being built in an energy-efficient manner, the homes are somewhat constructed air-tight. This is to keep warm in winters and cool during summers. This results in the home not being able to take in good air as keeping windows open all the time is not good either. This is where air purifiers come into play. The air purifiers are the one thing that ensures that we breathe clean and pure air for a healthier lifestyle.


Viruses and bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are present everywhere. When one inhales them, they tend to cause infections or allergies that bring the immunity system down.

Skin sheds of Pets

Tiny flecks of skin shed from pets can also be the cause of indoor pollution. These microscopic particles can easily cause allergies that could lead to asthma or rhinitis.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are generally on beds and sheets which can lead to asthma. Dust mites are generally found in areas that are highly humid.


Moulds also result in people getting allergic reactions and it causes irritation to those who are sensitive.


Many people are allergic to pollen as they tend to cause sneezes and create allergic symptoms. Pollen is basically released by trees, and plants which are then carried indoor by the winds.

Cigarette fumes and smoke

Cigarette fumes can cause some serious damage to the respiratory system over a period of time. They also result in asthma.


The fumes emitted from the pait can also be the cause of indoor air pollution. Since it is contained in formaldehyde, a harmful chemical, they result in headaches, skin irritations, allergies and can cause asthma


Homes that have small children
Homes with pregnant women
Homes with pets
Homes /offices in high dust areas & near construction sites


PM 2.5 Display Anion 3 million/cm3
UV Light Purification Filter Pre Filter True Hepa Filter Negative Ions
CADR (Air Flow) 200 m3/h Suitable area 270 sq/ft
Infrared Sensor Dust Sensor Volatage 220V-240V~
Power 50/60 Hz Power Consumption 32 w
Noise ≤ 60 dB Dimension 218 X 218 X 501mm
Net Weight 3.5 kg Gross Weight 4.3 kg


Model Name WinAir - 700B CADR 280m³/h
Sensor Dust Sensor (infrared sensor) Filteration Pre-Filter HEPA Filter Carbon Filter UV light purification Anion Air Purification
Power 220V/50Hz Rated Power(W) 70W
Noise 61 dB Suitable area 45 ㎡/ 484 square feet
Net/Gross weight 8.6kg/10kg Net dimention 32 w
Noise 385×208×615mm Water tank capacity (for Humidification) 2.5L


PM 2.5 Display Anion 3 million/cm3
Remote Control Filter Pre Filter True Hepa Filter Negative Ions
CADR (Air Flow) 500 m3/h Suitable area 645 sq/ft
Volatage 220V-240V~ Power 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 85 w Noise ≤ 65 dB
Dimension 290 X 287 X 780mm Net Weight 9 kg
Gross Weight 11 kg


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