Hydrogen Water

Powerful Hydrogen-rich Water Generator for residential use. Post RO treated Water Device with self-cleaning option & Ozone-rich Water Generation.


Hydrogen has demonstrated to have therapeutic effects in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and in essentially every organ of the human body. The main reason for this is because H2 helps attenuate excessive oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which are the root causes of every diseases, & pathology.

Hydrogen gas administered via inhalation or drinking hydrogen water can attenuate markers of oxidative stress.

The Japanese, Korean, & American Government has approved H2 inhalation & consumption as an advanced medicine for the treatment of postcardiac arrest syndrome, which also has neurological benefits.

Drinking Hydrogen-rich Water has also resulted in decreased sympathetic nerve activation at rest, and has improved mood & anxiety.




Anti-ageing Effects


HydroGen Generating Machine from BioPlus uses the all-new PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Technology.

During the Electrolysis Process, at the anode as well, H2O is decided to H+ & OH-. H+ then travels towards to cathode. The cathode as well produced a lot of H+.

The Travelled H+ from Anode & newly produced H+ at Cathode receive Electrons from the Cathode and collectively make H2 molecules.

The Hydrogen Machine generates pure molecular Hydrogen-rich Water, with almost no change in the pH of the Water.


Simply press the H button to get Hydrogen-rich Water,fill in a glass & help your body function better.

Drink the Water immediately as Hydrogen Gas tends to escape from Water after a while.

HydroGen comes with a pH Enhancing Filter which can be fitted if needed to increase the pH (Alkaline Water)


Direct Input water comes out as output water

If ph Enhancing Filter (NSF Certified Bio+ Ceramic Balls) installed, the Purified Mode Will give out Alkaline Water

Recommended to take medicines, make baby food, give water to children under 8 years, and in any other place where normal purified water is needed.


Recommended to run Cleaning Mode 2 times a week i.e. every 70 liters.

Cleaning mode gives out ozonized water which can be used to clean Fruits and Vegetables.


Product: Hydrogen-Rich Water Generator
(Direct connection RO Water Purifier if TDS is higher than 200)
Model :
Water Supply Control &
Hydrogen machine
Installation Method: Direct Connected to RO water purifier (DCR type) by Booster Pump & Solenoid control to Electrolyzer Installation: Counter Top only(not under-sink type) TECHNICAL FEATURES: Hydrogen Concentration: upto 1200 ppb (0.6-12 ppm) based on RO water in Korea, depending on water temperature ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential Concertration): average-upto 700 mV
Dimension: 323 x 45 x 280 (W.D.H)mm No. of Plates: 2
Plate type: Solid Plate size: 100mm x 50mm
Net Weight(kgs): 3.647 grams Gross Weight(kgs): 4.508 grams
Power: Input : AC 100-240 V/50-60Hz/ Output(P/Adapter); DC 24V/5A Operating Temperature: 5-50⁰C(41-100⁰F)- indoor usage only
Operating Water Pressure: Input: 1.0-5.0Kgf/cm² (14-74 psi) Outflow Rate: 1.5 Liters from RO w/purifier at
4.92 kgf/cm² (70 psi) per minute
Certification: Not available, but CE, UL can be possible by buyers’ request Power Consumption: Adapter : 120W, (Electrolyzer power consumption : 72W – 24V / 3A)
Extra Filter PH Enhancer Filter: Specification/

Outer Dimension(mm) D 48 x H 140
Filter Media: Bio+ceramic Ball (NSF)
Life Time
2,000 Liters
Other Function Auto-Stop function: Auto-Stop function : If input water is not pumped into the product for 10 seconds, the product will stop automatically to protect electrolyzer and all electric circuit. It applies to all modes. Electrolyzer Cleaning Mode: To extend Electrolyzer life time/performance, cleaning mode is needed twice a week or every 70 liters usage.
P/Adapter & Pump: P/Adapter Power: DC 24V 5A, Booster Pump: DC24V 1.5A
Remark: Above Specs/Features can be changed without prior notice by Supplier / Manufacturer


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