Portable Hydrogen-rich Water Generating Bottle

The bottle is a portable solution to drinking hydrogen-rich water on the go. The bottle has an option for hydrogen inhalation.

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Generation Bottle

Water is hydrogen water?

Chemically represented with symbol H having atomic number 1

75% of entire univrse made up of hydrogen

Smallest & Simplest element in universe & having capabilities to act at cellular levels in our body.

Hydrogen is natural Antioxidant.

Hydrogen is qualified to cross blood brain barrier.

Studies shows that hydrogen exerts an Antioxidant Anti-apototic,Auto-Inflammatory & Cytoprotective Properties that are benefical to human cell.


The tumbler will infuse dissolved free molecules of Hydrogen. Dissolved Hydrogen has benefits like being absorbed by the body quickly, making water antioxidant, reducing inflammation, reducing risk of metabolic syndrome, providing neuroprotection for various diseases, reducing side effects associated with cancer radiation treatment and more than 150 more benefits.


  • SPE Technology (Solid Polymer Electrolysis).
  • Portable Hydrogen generation (upto 1200 PPB)
  • Can be connected to 1 litre packaged drinking water bottle
  • Can Generate Ozone for Skin Care & Washing Fruits & Vegetables

Comes with a nozzle to attach to device to inhale the hydrogen, it provides extensive health benefits.

Compatible with the mineral water bottles available in the market. Attach this device with the lid of the bottle turn it upside down to get the enhanced form of hydrogenated and purified water. Its portable and can be used upto 60 times once charged completely.

Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Generation Tumbler

Initial source of water: Purified water Voltage: 220V, 50-60 HZ, SV, 2A
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh Cup Capacity: 500ml
Antioxidant Indices (ORP): up to -750mv Antioxidant Indices (ORP): up to -750mv
Dissolved Hydrogen: up to 2200 ppb Package Content: Hydrogen-rich Water Generating Bottle |

AA Stick | Inhalation Pipe | Cap for Inhalation |

User manual | Warranty Card

Fully charged Battery: 60 cycles in one full charge

(3 minutes cycle)

Hydrogen Produce Cycle: 3 and 10 minutes


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