Biorays ion spray

BioRays Ion Spray


BioRays Ion Spray is an exclusive product used for moisturising and making cells alive. It gives an excellent moisturising effect due to which after using 3 times on a regular interval, skin will get glow.

To use, fill clean water (purified water/drinking water) into the lon Spray and Spray after 10 minutes.


Ion Spray turns ordinary water into chemical free hydrogen rich water, Makes water molecules smaller and easily absorbed by skin. Silver foam maximises the silver surface area by 6000 times. It gives Antibacterial effects. Tourmaline changes the nature of the water for moisturising effect. 20ml capacity reusable upto 5000 times. It has Anti-aging effects by providing natural Antioxidant Hydrogen water on skin.

BioRays Ion Spray

Size: 139mm x 39mm x 160mm Life: 4 year (depends on usage)
Packing: 50 pieces in 1 master cartoon box

Do not fill any solution other than water.

Do not disassemble the product. Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

BioRays IonSpray converts normal purified water into Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich water. It uses silver plates and bioceramics, also known as mineral balls.
The spray lasts for approximately 6000 sprays which is about 4 years.
No, the material cannot be replaced. You will need to buy a new spray once the current one gets over.


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