Japmin QA Series

Japmin QA Series Ceramic Balls are high-quality ceramic balls made for water treatment, removing impurities, improving water quality, and preventing bacteria growth.

QA Far Infrared Ray

  • Radiance of far infrared ray
  • Active water
  • pH of soaking water solution 8.0~9.5
  • Insoluble, Gradually releasing mineral substance
  • Antibacterial
  • Making Macromolecular alkaline water

Colour: Khakhi I Size: 1mm I Packing: 25kg

QA Maifan

  • Adsorb heavy metals, residual chlorine pesticide residue etc.
  • Dissolve essential minerals those body need
  • Adjust the water ph to weak alkaline 7.2~7.6.
  • Rich oxygen in water. fresh and activation.

Colour: Red I Size: 1mm, 5mm I Packing: 25kg

QA Alkaline

  • Increase Natural calcium
  • FIR energy
  • Negative ion effect
  • Increase TDS (Ca, Na, K)
  • Antibacterial Effect
  • Contains silica

Colour: Grey I Size: 1mm I Packing: 25kg

QA Muyu

  • Plenty of elements muyu stone have an obvious affect on human body, Supplement certain trace elements will have an effect on anti-aging of human body.

Colour: Brown| Size: 1mm, 5mm I Packing: 25kg

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bioceramic balls are made from various kinds of natural minerals. Also usually known as Mineral balls. This technology was found in Korea. It is baked and cooled under high temperatures several times. There are different Bioceramics with different functions and usage. Functions of Bioceramics used in the diffusers/filters range from adding minerals like Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Increasing pH, Negative ORP (Antioxidant), infusing disso


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