5 Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Bottle on a Daily Basis

5 Benefits

Alkaline water has become more of a trend, people do not really understand the actual health benefits of the water but rather want to consume it because they see their favourite Bollywood celebrities doing it. From Keto to Pilates to Alkaline water- it may have all become a blind following. In this article we will explain to you in detail why exactly is Alkaline water good for your health.

Let’s find out why the stars are opting for it.

Why do we need to drink water?

5 Benefits

To keep our internal systems from functioning properly, we need to keep drinking fluids. Our body is made up of 60% water and that’s why water intake is necessary. Water helps to flush toxins out of the body, it helps certain minerals to reach certain organs to help them function better. It helps in metabolism and food digestion. What Alkaline water does is exactly the same with some extra health benefits.

Health benefits of Alkaline water bottle:

Plain RO water can be corrosive, slightly off taste, and very acidic in nature. Acidic water can cause your body’s pH levels to be disturbed. It may also lack essential minerals that a body needs. The system of RO purifying also tends to filter out these important minerals. Patients with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc are always recommended Alkaline rich water as it gives them the added nutrients and helps them cope with their condition better.

Alkaline water is also easier for the body to absorb as the molecules are smaller. The body cells absorb it better and stay more hydrated which makes the cells healthy and the body healthier in return. It helps your joints stay lubricated, the kidneys function better and so do the muscles.

Owning an alkaline water bottle reduces the acid levels in the body, helps organs to flush out excess acids and maintain a neutral and healthy pH balance, and function better.

How does an Alkaline water bottle help?

It is good to have an alkaline water filter at home, but Alkaline water bottles have their own pros.

5 Benefits

  1. These bottles are easier to carry around on the go
  2. There is no hassle of installation
  3. They are affordable
  4. They are a one-time investment and
  5. They provide improved health

Our bodies prefer a pH that is almost neutral and alkaline water has its own way of achieving that. Too acidic or too alkaline pH levels in the body are both dangerous and cause issues. Since our day-to-day food and intake are more acidic, alkaline water dilutes the acidic bringing the body pH closer to neutral again and keeping it healthy.

Alkaline water is mainly produced by an ionizer. It is a device that helps in changing water’s chemical composition and making it more alkaline.

Hydration is very crucial, healing takes place if the cells are hydrated. Buy the Bioplus alkaline water bottle and move towards a healthy lifestyle.


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