Difference Between Alkaline Water Ionizer & Hydrogen Generating Machine


Main Difference Between Alkaline Water Ionizer & Hydrogen Machine

Let’s first understand the difference between alkaline water and hydrogen-rich water

Hydrogen water machines and alkaline water machines are both believed to be modern trends, people usually do not understand their health benefits and tend to assume that these are the same thing or somehow one is the extension of the other. This is not the case; these are two completely different technologies and are not related to each other in any way. Let’s find out more about each in this article.

The alkaline water machine works on the electrolysis/ionization technology where the input water is broken down into acidic and alkaline components. Acidic & Alkaline Water, with different pH, has various uses ranging from drinking to cleaning your face to cleaning utensils. However, the Hydrogen water machine works on PEM technology. Hydrogen molecules are infused into the water through this procedure which makes it rich in Hydrogen Gas.

Also, alkaline water machines also known as water ionizers give out 50% alkaline water and 50% acidic water at the same time. People usually drink alkaline water and throw out the acidic water. This leads to the wastage of not-so-readily available clean water. Whereas, Hydrogen Generating Machine which uses the PEM technology, only gives out 1 kind of water, wasting no water.


How does the Alkaline water ionizer machine work?

Alkaline water ionizer machines work on the concept of pH and oxidation-reduction. While the Hydrogen water machine works on Hydrogen molecules. It is recommended to drink plenty of water but what kind of water should you be drinking?


Let’s talk about Alkalis first.

One of the Alkaline water benefits is that it has alkalis are substances that tend to neutralize the acidic nature of a substance.

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium

These are alkalis. Your normal RO water removes these essential minerals from the water, or the water is bypassed through the RO membrane to keep them intact, increasing the risk of impurities entering your drinking water as well, and hence that water is not good for your health. The presence of these alkalis is what makes the water alkaline and provides health benefits. Some people call alkaline water ionized because there is the separation of ions that takes place in the alkaline water ionizer machine during the process. The water ionizer machine maintains these essential minerals so that the body gets the required nutrition.


How is a Hydrogen water machine different from a water ionizer machine?

Apart from the fact that both are based on different technologies. While Alkaline water machine works on the body’s pH and balances it to deal with the issues. Hydrogen water works on inflammation and oxidative stress. The hydrogen machine by BioPlus also comes with a pH-enhancing filter, in case your input water pH is too low.


What is Oxidative stress?

When we stress about things, or due to intake of not-so-healthy food or a polluted environment, our bodies experience oxidative stress. Let us understand how this happens, the oxygen molecules have electrons that prefer to be in pairs, but there are electrons that are solo looking for a pair. When in the body these single electrons in search of a pair try to pair with the healthy cells in the body and in turn tend to damage them or cause their death. When this happens, we experience symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and other chronic diseases.

Research has shown that when hydrogen molecules are infused water is consumed. The molecular hydrogen makes these unpaired single electrons or free radicals as they are called neutral so that there is no harm that is caused to the healthy cells in the body. When molecular hydrogen is consumed, the hydrogen molecules find these free radicals, pair with them, and neutralize them to complete the formula H2O. Hence harmless, safe drinking water is provided.


What are Hydrogen water benefits?

  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Reduces oxidative stress in the body

Both of the above are the root cause of all diseases & pathologies.

And plenty of more health benefits come along with the intake of hydrogen water. It is a myth that to get hydrogen water benefits one has to pay a lot. Visit BioPlus for our hydrogen water machines and hydrogen water bottles, and get the health benefits at a reasonable cost or connect with us, we can give you the best guidance. Drink healthy water and live a healthy life!


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