Water Ionizers And Hydrogen Water Generators

Water Ionizers And Hydrogen Water Generators

Hydrogen-rich water and alkaline water are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Many dietitians and nutritionists advise it as a beneficial drink. It has become widely accepted as a wholesome beverage.

But do you know where can you get it? There are so many machines available in the market that generate hydrogen-rich and alkaline ionized water. Let’s throw some light on how these machines work.

Alkaline Water Ionizers

alkaline water ionizer is a device that transforms ordinary tap water into alkaline water. It is composed of a series of plates and electrolysis chambers, which are submerged in the water. As the water passes through the ionizer, it breaks down the molecular structure of the H2O molecules and separates them into their acidic (H+) and alkaline (OH-) components. The OH- ions are then attracted to the positively charged plates inside the ionizer, while the H+ ions are attracted to the negative plates. The result is an increase in pH levels, thereby creating alkaline water. This process also adds essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which further enhances its health benefits. In addition to its pH-balancing properties, drinking alkaline water also helps promote hydration and proper digestion, among other benefits.

Neutral-pH Hydrogen Water Generators

Neutral-PH hydrogen water generators are a great way to make sure you are drinking water that is full of beneficial minerals and compounds. This type of generator uses a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water, creating two separate streams of gas. The hydrogen gas is then combined with water and passed through an electrolysis process, resulting in neutral-PH hydrogen water. This type of generator has been proven to be effective in reducing oxidative stress in the body and helps to improve overall health. With these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to neutral-PH hydrogen water generators for their drinking needs.

What’s the difference between a hydrogen machine and a water ionizer?

Water ionizers and hydrogen generators are both devices that are used to improve the quality of drinking water. Water ionizers use electrolysis to separate water molecules into alkaline and acidic components, which can help neutralize acidity in the body. Hydrogen generators use a special membrane that separates hydrogen atoms from the water, creating an antioxidant-rich, hydrogen-infused drink. While both devices can be beneficial for improving the quality of drinking water, they work differently and have different advantages. Water ionizers are more affordable and require less maintenance than hydrogen generators, while hydrogen generators offer a higher level of antioxidant protection. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which device works best for their needs.

How hydrogen water differs from antioxidant alkaline water?

Both hydrogen rich water and alkaline water have therapeutic benefits. Both types of water improve health and well-being. Here are a few notable differences between both:

1.       Hydrogen water contains extra hydrogen molecules, whereas antioxidant alkaline water does not.

2.       Hydrogen water has a more neutral taste than alkaline water.

3.        Alkaline water has a higher pH than hydrogen water.

4.       Hydrogen water is loaded with hydrogen. Alkaline water on the other hand is rich in calcium and magnesium hydroxide.

Ultimately, both types of water offer different advantages depending on your needs. Hydrogen water provides an extra boost of molecular hydrogen while antioxidant alkaline waters offer benefits from its higher pH level. With the experience of over 12 years, BioPlus is a leading biotech industry that manufactures the best quality water treatment products. BioPlus is a one-stop solution for high-tech water treatment products including sediment filters, water ionizers, and portable alkaline water products.


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