Adding Alkaline Water to Your Ketogenic Diet [Effective to Lose Weight]

Adding Alkaline Water to Your Ketogenic Diet [Effective to Lose Weight]

They say that 90% of the work on your health is done in the kitchen, with what your intake is. The other 10% is the exercise of course. Ketogenic diet is a very popular way to shed those extra pounds.

The Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that provides many health benefits. Studies over the years have shown benefits of a Keto diet when suffering from ailments such as Cancer, Epilepsy, Diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Keto diet reduces carbohydrate intake in the body to a massive extent and switches it with fat. This metabolic state of reducing carbs in the body is known as ketosis. What happens next in simple terms is that your body becomes incredibly fast at burning energy and providing energy to the brain.

Keto diets tend to control blood sugar level and insulin in the body to a large extent. Increased ketones have huge health benefits and even though there are different types of Keto diets available and talked about, the standard version is the most popular and recommended. Although getting started on the ketogenic diet can be challenging, Start by familiarizing yourself with food labels and checking the grams of fat, carbs, and fiber to determine how you can accommodate your favorite food in your meals.

How does hydrogen-rich alkaline water and Keto Diet help to succeed?

How does hydrogen-rich alkaline water and Keto Diet help to succeed?

There are several reasons why antioxidant alkaline water can be your best friend on the Keto Diet. When you drink alkaline water, you feel hydrated faster and for a longer duration as compared to regular water. The minerals in alkaline hydrogen-rich water are beneficial to the body at all times, but when you are specifically following a diet, they do more good to your body than on a regular day. Alkaline water from a water ionizer & filter really does taste amazing and it supports and contributes to good health, rather than putting it at a risk.

The main organ involved in the kidneys. Maintaining kidney health with proper hydration and proper levels of calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are all that you really need to do. Alkaline water takes care of your kidney’s health by maintaining the pH levels in the body. Alkaline water and Keto Diet are like two best friends – You cannot really separate them.

Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity

Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity

After years of research and empirical evidence from people, it has been proven that alkaline water and Keto Diet give better results when combined in the diet plan and Sticking to alkaline uses fat as fuel and helps your body lose fat with the diet in the most optimum way. Your body becomes acidic, creating chronic inflammation that forces your body to hold onto its fat stores. That’s where the alkaline part comes in, you create a win-win by moving down inflammation and other problems while maintaining a fat-as-fuel state.

Though alkaline water and Keto Diet create amazing benefits, traditional ketogenic diets earlier often used to create a few drawbacks that sometimes make staying the course difficult. For instance, they increase the acid levels in the body risking your body into formations of kidney stones.

That is why people have incorporated Keto-Alkaline diets to compensate and balance out and solve many problems that Ketogenic diets may potentially create.

Experts say it is always better to focus on Alkalinity first before you begin Keto, alkaline water and keto diet stacks the fat loss and alkalinity in your favor.

In simple language, this is how Keto and alkaline waterworks

When you eat carbs, glucose levels in your body increase and that in turn increases the blood sugar in the body. Your body automatically releases more insulin as a reaction, insulin is produced to get the glucose from the body into the cells. That converts to energy. Your body will burn this glucose to give you energy and instruct the cells to store this energy as fat – this is what we call the dreaded belly fat.

Want to know how you can make the most of your Keto alkaline diet?

Want to know how you can make the most of your Keto alkaline diet?

  • Understand the root problems: Your body always signals you if there is an issue. You must know your body type and the underlying conditions if any. for instance, if you are facing toxicity, inflammation or blood sugar, mineral insufficiencies or even too little or too much cortisol. Some of these are easy to deal with, with available remedies for the rest you can talk to a doctor to pinpoint more underlying ailments.
  • Maintain body pH and Alkalinity: Apart from switching to alkaline water, you must also begin to eat food that maintains the alkaline and pH levels in the body. Recommended foods to maintain alkalinity in the body include bone broth, apple cider vinegar and a lot of greens.
  • Don’t try to be perfect – Look beyond your regular diet: Study your body type and eat food that benefits your body. Switch to alkaline water, as it will compensate for the missing minerals and nutrition in the body.

A lot of people struggle with their Keto diet after following it the traditional way. Try to incorporate alkaline foods and focus on an alkaline lifestyle. Switch to Antioxidant Mineralised Alkaline water ionizer from BioPlus and keep yourself healthy, mix your Keto diets with BioPlus’ Antioxidant Alkaline Water and bam! You have a complete winner. Call us now!


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