Alkaline Water Diet for Cancer Patients

Alkaline Water Diet for Cancer Patients

You know the benefits of alkaline water. But do you know it can help cancer patients as well? This is the thing everyone is keen to know. Should cancer patients drink alkaline water? Or is alkaline water good for cancer? The answer to every question is yes. Cancer patients can use an alkaline water diet during their treatment and by doing so recover quicker. Every organ and every fluid in our body has some pH level. And every pH level matters. It plays a huge role in managing our health. The pH of whatever we consume also matters a lot. To put things in perspective, alkaline water has a pH above 7. Regular tap water has a neutral pH of 7.

Alkaline water and cancer have a real link. And this link can help in the prevention and treatment of the disease. Alkaline water usually comes from natural springs. But it can be made in your own home with the help of ionizers and/or alkaline water filters. So, it can be taken during the treatment more easily. Let’s understand exactly how an alkaline water diet helps in cancer.

How much water pH matters for cancer patients?

How much water pH matters for cancer patients?

Many studies show that cancer cells grow far more in an acidic environment. Regular consumption of alkaline water reduces the acidity of our body. It helps manage the pH of our body and thus provides a less friendly environment for cancer cells. Alkaline water also maintains the pH of the blood and helps counteract the acid. It helps improve metabolism and increases the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. Higher pH in our body slows or stops cancer cell growth.

How alkaline water is useful for cancer patients:

How alkaline water is useful for cancer patients

Cancer tumors are acidic in nature. They grow more in acidic systems. Having alkaline water negates the acidity in the body. When the pH of the body is higher, the cancer cells have no way to penetrate the body. Even when they’re present, they start to die. However, this alone doesn’t suffice to fight against cancer. The treatment is very much needed but alkaline water can be a really useful companion for the treatment. It aids in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Only alkaline water will not save you from cancer. You need to follow a complete alkaline water diet to reap the full benefits of it. Cancer treatment can be accompanied by a diet that has more alkaline water and food that keeps the pH high. This can help you recover from cancer faster.

What is an alkaline water diet for cancer patients?

When you’re having cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc., it is important to stay hydrated. These treatments induce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. All of them can lead to dehydration. So, hydration is highly important with the treatment. Now alkaline water has been shown to provide a hostile environment for cancer cells. And it also provides really good hydration which is far better than regular water.

Alkaline water diet includes alkaline water consumption which is about 3-4 liters per day. Then there are many foods that can be eaten with alkaline water which help get the pH higher than 7. These foods are soy, beans, lentils, etc. Having an alkaline diet regularly can help in controlling blood pressure and body temperature. Adapting an alkaline diet can really help in the recovery of cancer patients.

Alkaline water is highly beneficial for cancer patients as it slows the growth of cancer cells. It is a very good hydrator as well. It has been a proven companion in the journey of recovery from cancer. You need to get it right away for quicker recovery. Get your alkaline water at home with BioPlus’ ionizer and water filter. Contact us.


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