Bioceramics: A key to Antioxidant, Mineralised, Alkaline Water

Bioceramics: A key to Antioxidant, Mineralised, Alkaline Water

Do you know the water you’re drinking might be completely devoid of minerals? Many people don’t think about the kind of water they’re drinking on a daily basis. They don’t question if it’s good for them or not. They have been told that simply by filtering the tap water is enough to keep them healthy. It might provide hydration but it is far from keeping you healthy and active. Water isn’t just a vehicle to carry nutrients. It has a major role in your health. You can get nutrients from the water itself. To answer how, you need to understand the concept of bioceramics.

Bioceramics are objects which are made from different natural minerals. They are generally in the shape of small balls. They are also known as Mineral balls. These balls are made by baking these minerals at a high temperature and cooling it down. This is done several times before they are finally ready to use. Their functions might differ based on the minerals added to them.

How bioceramics change the water for the better

Bioceramics: A key to Antioxidant, Mineralised, Alkaline Water

The most basic function of these Bioceramics is to diffuse minerals into the drinking water. They add Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, etc. minerals to the water. These are the minerals that are lost due to the RO filtration system. They are lost when they pass through a filter which doesn’t allow any particle of a particular size. The system intends to remove impurities but because of the fine sieve it also removes minerals. Bioceramics remineralizes this water.

By adding these minerals, bioceramics also raise the pH of the water. It is not a drastic change in the pH level but practically we can expect a jump of 2 in the scale. Normal drinking water has pH around 7. Bioceramics makes it around 8-9. This is how they make the water alkaline which makes it ideal to drink.

They also are known as antioxidants. They give negative ORP in the water and make it antioxidant by infusing dissolved Hydrogen in it. This helps increase the quality of water and also enhances the taste of water. The water becomes smoother and tastier because of the dissolved hydrogen. This helps people lose weight and regulate their blood sugar.

It is quite evident that drinking healthy water has a huge positive impact on your health. Unhealthy water won’t only impair the bodily functions, it’ll also expose you to deadly pathogens. Let’s make drinking healthy water a habit. Contact BioPlus for bioceramics now.


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