How Alkaline Water Filter works

How Alkaline Water Filter works

If you are looking for the healthiest drinking water for you and your family, look no further than alkaline water. It is a high quality drinking water with added minerals. It has a wide range of health benefits and it hydrates you way better than normal drinking water. It is something you must have during summers. Alkaline water is also absorbed in the body easily as it is easily digestible. It provides energy-rich oxygen in higher quantities. And as add on, it tastes better than any other drinking water.

Alkaline water is produced by alkaline water filters. These filters convert tap water into antioxidant, mineralised, alkaline water and in their whole lifetime, depending on the size, they give alkaline water anywhere between 2000 to 11000 litres. They turn the water alkaline by making a chemical change in the water. These filters are made up of bioceramics or activated carbon. They are classified as:

  • Bioceramics
  • Activated Carbon.

They are the building blocks of the alkaline filters. Lets see what they are and how they make the filters work.


How Alkaline Water Filter works

They are ball shaped ceramics which are made from various natural minerals. They are also called Mineral balls. These balls are made by baking natural minerals at a high temperature and then cooling them down. This is usually done multiple times continuously. After a long and tedious process, they become ready to use. They serve different functions and it all depends on the minerals added to them. The major functions of Bioceramics include adding minerals to the water, increasing its pH to make it alkaline, infusing dissolved Hydrogen making water Antioxidant, giving better taste of water, etc. They increase the pH by at least 2 levels. Normal tap water is considered neutral so this level up makes it alkaline.

Activated Carbon:

How Alkaline Water Filter works

Many different kinds of activated carbon are used in alkaline water filters. They are all very high tech and highly efficient. The performance of these filters is heavily dependent on the strata from which they are made. A strata is a layer of rocks underneath the ground. The examples of these strata are anthracite coal, bone char, coconut shell, etc. Its manufacturing process also plays a role in its functionality and performance. Out of all these strata, coconut shells show one of the better results when it comes to giving highly beneficial alkaline water. They are the same strata which are used in BioPlus alkaline water filters. They are known for its greater quality and performance. They help with further purification of water, remove any leftover solid particles, bacterias, etc.

While alkaline water has numerous health benefits, it is up to you to choose a filter that works the best and lasts the longest. The filters not only should give healthy alkaline water but also remove any harmful and unwanted substance. Choose BioPlus for your alkaline water filter and rest assured to get the best drinking water. Contact us now.


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