How Much Water Is Essential to Your Body?

How Much Water Is Essential to Your Body?

Want to know why every piece of health advice starts with staying hydrated? Let us tell you why. Water is not just to satisfy your thirst. It does a lot more. Water is an essential part of our diet. The health benefits of water are monumental. It keeps the body functioning properly. It helps keep it energized throughout the day and makes you healthy. Every organ system in our body is dependent on having water to function properly. But the question is how much? How much water is helpful to function optimally?

This is a question surrounding many minds. And this is the question we will try to answer. Water is important but the degree of the importance is always overlooked. Let’s understand the science behind it in detail.

Water is important but the degree of the importance is always overlooked

Water cleanses our body of waste:

Your body needs water every day because the human body uses different ways to remove waste. It can come out as urine, sweat, or stool. For every one of these, you need water. You need water to replenish the amount lost from sweat. You need water to have healthy bowel movements. Kidneys have a job to filter the waste out. With enough supply of water, the kidneys run efficiently. Water helps prevent kidney stones from forming. This is where alkaline water plays a huge role. It doesn’t let minerals accumulate in the kidneys.

Water helps in digestion:

Having fiber-rich foods can help prevent constipation. But you also need a healthy dose of alkaline water to go with it. You need to have enough water for fiber to absorb and make a softer stool. An adequate amount of water helps in bowel movement. Having water before, during, and after meals helps in breaking down the food. It makes it easier for the body to digest the food. When the food is digested thoroughly, the bowel movement improves. To get the best out of your meals, have alkaline water along with it.

Water saves you from dehydration:

When your body doesn’t get enough water, it experiences a condition of dehydration. In mild dehydration, a person feels very thirsty and tired. But when it gets severe, dehydration can damage our organs and induce severe complications like swelling in your brain, seizures, kidney failure, etc. Hydration helps maintain an adequate electrolyte balance for optimal body functions. Alkaline water is known for its superior hydration quality. It hydrates way better than regular water. It helps you make up for lost volume very easily.

Water keeps the cardiovascular system healthy

Blood is made up of water. Water plays a huge part being the plasma of the blood. When the water intake is less, the blood becomes thicker and more concentrated. This also leads to an electrolyte imbalance in the body. Thicker blood means the blood pressure gets higher. It takes a toll on the heart. Alkaline water keeps the blood moving. It keeps the body hydrated for a longer period of time. With an adequate water supply, the heart muscles stay healthy and heart function also improves. All of these are important to keep a healthy cardiovascular system.

These are some alkaline water benefits for the body. Water is highly important for our body and alkaline water just does a better job than regular water in keeping us healthier. The good news is, you can get healthy alkaline water right at your home with various alkaline filters. Choose from the wide range of alkaline filters from BioPlus. Contact us now.


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