How to remineralize RO water

How to remineralize RO water

Do you know the RO water you’re drinking is not as healthy and safe as you think it is? It might come as a shock to you but it is true. RO water filters out harmful microbes but in doing so, it also gets rid of essential minerals that your body requires. Typical RO water is devoid of minerals. Today a lot of new RO systems are hitting the market which has a built-in remineralization filter. This filter works at the final stage of purification and adds back the healthy minerals which have been removed.

Minerals are very important to lead a healthy life. Water has calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc which keeps our bones strong and our immunity robust. These minerals cannot be removed from our drinking water at any cost. So what to do when your RO system removes it? You can remineralize the RO water with these simple methods.

By adding mineral rich salt

By adding mineral rich salt

This is by far the simplest method to remineralize drinking water. One thing to be noted here is that mineral rich salt is not your cooking salt. Never try to add that salt in your water. It’ll make the water salty and undrinkable. Mineral rich salt is a special kind of sea salt which is high in mineral content. One such salt is Himalayan sea salt.

This mineral rich salt is not very expensive and you can just add a tiny pinch to every glass of your drinking water to remineralize it.

By adding mineral drops

Mineral drops are full of natural minerals which our body requires. They are cheap and available readily in the market. Applying them in the water is very easy. You can remineralize your drinking water in a matter of seconds. You just add a few drops of mineral drops in your drinking glass and it is done. The bottle of mineral drops comes with instructions on how much drops to add depending upon your water.

By installing pH filter in RO system

As mentioned before, nowadays RO systems come with a pH filter installed which remineralizes the water in the final stage. If your RO system doesn’t have it, you can buy the filter separately and install it in your RO. It is very easy to install and you don’t have to manually mineralize your water. The water coming out of the filter is already mineral rich. BioPlus remineralizing filters increase the pH level of the water significantly and remineralizes water effectively.

By using an alkaline pitcher

Alkaline pitchers are also a great way to remineralize the water you drink. These pitchers increase the pH level of the water and add minerals back into it. You can find the best alkaline pitchers in the market on our website. BioPlus alkaline jugs effectively raise the pH of the water while continuously remineralizing the water. They are also portable so can be carried anywhere easily

Your body needs minerals to stay healthy and fit. There is no doubt in it. It might feel good to drink RO water today but it is harmful to your health in the long term. Start caring for your health today. Visit our website for alkaline filters and jugs now.


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