The Complete Difference Between Alkaline Water & Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Does the pH of your drinking water really matter?

If you’re becoming conscious and aware of your health and your body intake, you are in the right place. Today in this blog we’re going to talk about what is reverse osmosis and what is the difference between alkaline water and RO water.

Does the pH of your drinking water really matter?

In simple terms, a Reverse Osmosis water filter uses a procedure to remove contaminated materials from water by putting the water under pressure and passing it through a semi-permeable membrane. Popularly known as RO, this procedure is used in most the Reverse Osmosis water filters for domestic use. It is basically the reverse procedure of the naturally occurring osmosis, where the weaker saline solution tends to migrate to its stronger counterpart. For instance, when our kidneys absorb water from the food, it is done through osmosis.

What is a semi-permeable membrane? It is a membrane used in a Reverse Osmosis water filter as a passage that will allow certain atoms to pass through but not all. This keeps the atoms of contaminated materials away. Reverse Osmosis water filter basically pushes water with pressure from high contamination to low contamination through this membrane, the membrane being in the middle filters out contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis water filter leaves almost 99% of the salts in the water behind in the reject stream with this procedure. Sometimes this process tends to leave behind required minerals too. This is also considered a major difference between alkaline water and RO water.

What is Alkaline Water?

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water as explained in our previous blogs is water with a pH balance of more than 7. The higher the number the more the alkalinity. This means there are more potential hydrogen ions present here. It neutralizes acid in your blood and helps maintain the right pH in your body. Some research also shows that alkaline water reduces bone loss and makes bones stronger. The fact that acidic substances in the body cause ill health and are the root cause of all diseases, makes alkaline water filter the demand of the day as it is needed to neutralize the acidity. The difference between alkaline water and RO water is also that of health benefits apart from the functioning. Additionally, different alkaline filters should be used to remineralize RO Water for health advantages.

What is the main difference between Alkaline water and RO water?

What is the main difference between Alkaline water and RO water?

  • Reverse Osmosis water filter requires Electricity, whereas alkaline water filters do not
  • Reverse Osmosis with its filtration tends to remove essential minerals from water, Alkaline filters do not remove filters.
  • There is a lot of wastage of water in Reverse Osmosis, it flushes out 80% of water as reject.
  • RO water filter occupies a lot of space, Alkaline water filter is designed to take up smaller spaces, and some are designed even sleeker to fit inside bottles.
  • The main difference between alkaline water and Ro water is that Reverse Osmosis makes water more acidic. It removes 99% of minerals from water which has an adverse effect on the pH.

Alkaline water makes your skin glow, keeps it healthy, balances pH, and keeps you hydrated. It contains antioxidants that work as anti-aging properties. It keeps your liver and kidney health and works wonders for your digestion. We hope we were able to explain the clear difference between alkaline water and RO water through our blog.

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