How to Use Acidic Water from Water Ionizers to Treat Cuts and Burns

How to Use Acidic Water from Water Ionizers to Treat Cuts and Burns

Many people don’t know that water can be used other than drinking, cleaning and bathing. Water is the ever giving source of life. It can be used in many different ways. One of the interesting uses include treating wounds. It is not very far fetched to say that water can help you heal cuts and bruises. To everyone’s surprise, water ionizers are essential in your first aid resource. Alkaline water ionizers can help change the pH of your water to whatever you want through the process of electrolysis. It is recommended that alkaline water should be used for drinking and acidic water should be used for bathing and cleaning. The water you get from an ionizer does more than just keep you hydrated.

Acidic water as a natural first aid resource.

How to Use Acidic Water from Water Ionizers to Treat Cuts and Burns

Water ionizers can give out water with a pH of around 3.5 which is considered acidic. It can be used for first aid treatments like relieving insect bite sting, preventing soreness and swelling, reducing blisters, etc. It has healing properties as wounds move to an acidic state when they heal. Ionized acidic water also helps heal cuts and burns on your body.

Acidic water is naturally antibacterial. Using acidic water to clean the wounds keeps them bacteria free. Many studies have shown that cuts and bruises which have been washed with acidic water heal faster. They are also less prone to infection. Acidic water also has soothing properties which makes it ideal for minor burns. If there is an emergency regarding burns, pouring some acidic water on a cloth and applying it to the affected area relieves the pain. You need to keep soaking the cloth with water and keep applying it for better results.

Ionized acidic water gets the sting out of the burn by pulling the heat off of it. It is natural and doesn’t sting like hydrogen peroxide. It is very useful in cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns. This is one of the unique benefits of an ionizer. It doesn’t only provide you with healthy drinking water. It also provides you an effective first aid kit. You can invest your money in ionizer and reap the benefits for years. It is time to make the right call. Contact us for water ionizer now.


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