How water ionizer can help soothe your heartburn symptoms

How water ionizer can help soothe your heartburn symptoms

Do you often suffer from heartburn every now and then? There is an effective solution for this problem. But first you need to understand how severe of a heartburn you have. Heartburn is a very common health issue faced by people. It affects their lifestyle in many ways. A heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest. It gets worse when you’re lying on the bed. It is caused by an acid reflux which reaches the upper esophagus. If ignored, it becomes more frequent and disrupts routine life. Many people manage it by changing their diet and taking OTC medicines.

The major reason behind heartburn is spicy foods, citrus fruits, fatty foods, etc. Usually when you eat, the muscles move in such a way that food travels to the stomach. It is then sealed in the stomach with a valve. When this valve is loosened, the acid backs up in the esophagus.

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

  • Frequency more than twice a week.
  • OTC drugs don’t relieve the pain.
  • Loss of appetite occurs.
  • Vomiting or nausea occurs.
  • Swallowing becomes painful.

You need to find a solution as soon as you experience such symptoms. And the solution needs to be permanent. Alkaline water is what you need to soothe your pain. Every food and drink has a certain pH. Your food has the pH below 7 which makes it acidic. It also causes acidity because of this and that leads to heartburn. Drinking water usually has a pH of 7 which is neutral. When you drink this neutral pH water everyday, it doesn’t have much effect on your acidity. When the pH is higher than 7, you get alkaline water. This water is highly beneficial for your health. One of its benefits includes decreasing the acidity of your body.

It effectively neutralizes your stomach acid and decreases chances of acidity. When it is consumed everyday regularly, the acid in your stomach is kept in control. It doesn’t increase with the acidic food that you’re eating because you’re neutralizing the excess acid with alkaline water. This isn’t a one time remedy however. It can be effective immediately in some cases. But if you want long term relief from acidity and heartburn, you need to consume it everyday. You need to replace your drinking water with alkaline water. And it is also simple enough. BioPlus Antioxidant Mineralising Alkaline filters can be installed directly to your tap. It gives out antioxidant alkaline water with added minerals. This oxidizing alkaline water will counter the acidity and make your lifestyle healthy.

It is very well documented that alkaline water is helpful in treating acidity. You need to find a permanent solution for heartburn or else it can lead to GERD which is a very serious gastrointestinal disease. It is time to switch to healthy antioxidant mineralizing alkaline water. Visit our website for alkaline filters now.


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