What Are Ceramic Balls and How Do They Work?

What are ceramic balls?

Alkaline water is known to bring immense health benefits. Water in general is known to be the most essential for every cell in the body. The best way to stay hydrated is to keep sipping water throughout the day.

Alkaline water with a little more hydrogen than usual is considered to keep you more hydrated and healthier. It is also believed that water with a pH below 7 creates an acidic bloodstream, causing health issues.

What are ceramic balls?

These balls are made from various ceramic materials for water treatment. They work in a way that they filter out heavy metals from the water like mercury, chromium, and lead. Their molecular structure is such that they are resistant to corrosion and wear, this makes them the perfect choice for water filtration. They come in various shapes and sizes and are used by filters for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

Where are bio ceramic balls used?

Where are bio ceramic balls used?

These are mainly used as fillers in filters and they proved to be removing impurities like chloroform and heavy metals effectively. The balls are durable and long-lasting and are the most important component for houses of jugs and tap filters. These also find uses in various industries.

It’s a one-of-a-kind product that is entirely environmentally friendly and used in activating and purifying drinking water. These are non–metallic, bio-ceramic is made when the clay is heated at very high temperatures an action which gives them high extrusion strength. or from various natural mineral matter.

Functions of bio-ceramic balls:

Functions of bio-ceramic balls:

    • Removing heavy metals from water.


    • Prevents water from oxidization


    • It has an anti-microbial effect on water.


    • Removes harmful active oxygen


    • Alkalizes water and helps water become naturally anti – oxidants rich


    • Helps remove acidic waste from the body


    • Helps absorb water nutrients better


Alkalinity in food also helps in a similar way to maintain the pH balance of food. Cooking stones etc can help maintain the pH of the food and maintain body health.

Alkaline water after workouts has become a very popular lifestyle change. People have switched to alkaline water bottles and water filters from their regular filters to get the added health benefits and to keep diseases at bay. Switch to BioPlus range of water filters and get yourself the health benefits you want. Health is the biggest wealth, Look out for yourself today with BioPlus products and stay healthy, energized, and stress-free.


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