Adding Alkaline Water to Your Ketogenic Diet [Effective to Lose Weight]

They say that 90% of the work on your health is done in the kitchen, with what your intake is. The other 10% is the exercise of course. Ketogenic diet is a very popular way to shed those extra pounds.

The Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that provides many health benefits. Studies over the years have shown benefits of a Keto diet when suffering from ailments such as Cancer, Epilepsy, Diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Keto diet reduces carbohydrate intake in the body to a massive extent and switches it with fat. This metabolic state of reducing carbs in the body is known as ketosis. What happens next in simple terms is that your body becomes incredibly fast at burning energy and providing energy to the brain.

Keto diets tend to control blood sugar level and insulin in the body to a large extent. Increased ketones have huge health benefits and even though there are different types of Keto diets available and talked about, the standard version is the most popular and recommended. Although getting started on the ketogenic diet can be challenging, Start by familiarizing yourself with food labels and checking the grams of fat, carbs, and fiber to determine how you can accommodate your favorite food in your meals.

How does hydrogen-rich alkaline water and Keto Diet help to succeed?

How does hydrogen-rich alkaline water and Keto Diet help to succeed?

There are several reasons why antioxidant alkaline water can be your best friend on the Keto Diet. When you drink alkaline water, you feel hydrated faster and for a longer duration as compared to regular water. The minerals in alkaline hydrogen-rich water are beneficial to the body at all times, but when you are specifically following a diet, they do more good to your body than on a regular day. Alkaline water from a water ionizer & filter really does taste amazing and it supports and contributes to good health, rather than putting it at a risk.

The main organ involved in the kidneys. Maintaining kidney health with proper hydration and proper levels of calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are all that you really need to do. Alkaline water takes care of your kidney’s health by maintaining the pH levels in the body. Alkaline water and Keto Diet are like two best friends – You cannot really separate them.

Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity

Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity

After years of research and empirical evidence from people, it has been proven that alkaline water and Keto Diet give better results when combined in the diet plan and Sticking to alkaline uses fat as fuel and helps your body lose fat with the diet in the most optimum way. Your body becomes acidic, creating chronic inflammation that forces your body to hold onto its fat stores. That’s where the alkaline part comes in, you create a win-win by moving down inflammation and other problems while maintaining a fat-as-fuel state.

Though alkaline water and Keto Diet create amazing benefits, traditional ketogenic diets earlier often used to create a few drawbacks that sometimes make staying the course difficult. For instance, they increase the acid levels in the body risking your body into formations of kidney stones.

That is why people have incorporated Keto-Alkaline diets to compensate and balance out and solve many problems that Ketogenic diets may potentially create.

Experts say it is always better to focus on Alkalinity first before you begin Keto, alkaline water and keto diet stacks the fat loss and alkalinity in your favor.

In simple language, this is how Keto and alkaline waterworks

When you eat carbs, glucose levels in your body increase and that in turn increases the blood sugar in the body. Your body automatically releases more insulin as a reaction, insulin is produced to get the glucose from the body into the cells. That converts to energy. Your body will burn this glucose to give you energy and instruct the cells to store this energy as fat – this is what we call the dreaded belly fat.

Want to know how you can make the most of your Keto alkaline diet?

Want to know how you can make the most of your Keto alkaline diet?

  • Understand the root problems: Your body always signals you if there is an issue. You must know your body type and the underlying conditions if any. for instance, if you are facing toxicity, inflammation or blood sugar, mineral insufficiencies or even too little or too much cortisol. Some of these are easy to deal with, with available remedies for the rest you can talk to a doctor to pinpoint more underlying ailments.
  • Maintain body pH and Alkalinity: Apart from switching to alkaline water, you must also begin to eat food that maintains the alkaline and pH levels in the body. Recommended foods to maintain alkalinity in the body include bone broth, apple cider vinegar and a lot of greens.
  • Don’t try to be perfect – Look beyond your regular diet: Study your body type and eat food that benefits your body. Switch to alkaline water, as it will compensate for the missing minerals and nutrition in the body.

A lot of people struggle with their Keto diet after following it the traditional way. Try to incorporate alkaline foods and focus on an alkaline lifestyle. Switch to Antioxidant Mineralised Alkaline water ionizer from BioPlus and keep yourself healthy, mix your Keto diets with BioPlus’ Antioxidant Alkaline Water and bam! You have a complete winner. Call us now!

Alkaline Water vs. Distilled Water: know the difference between them

Do you get confused when you hear distilled water, mineral water, alkaline water, etc? It is quite understandable. It is especially confusing to differentiate between distilled water and alkaline water. Let’s understand them in detail. Tap water has seen a lot of alternatives in recent times. Alkaline water is the prominent one among them. The advantages of alkaline water are well known to everyone. It is highly rich in minerals. Among many others, distilled water is gaining attention quickly. It is important to know what it is before jumping the wagon.

Alkaline water is water with higher pH. The pH of alkaline water gets around 8-9. It is considered the best alternative to regular tap water which is acidic in nature. Whereas distilled water goes through a special process of filtration and purification. Let’s understand the differences between them

How distilled water is different from alkaline water

How distilled water is different from alkaline water

The process of getting distilled water is pretty simple. It can be obtained by boiling tap water and condensing the vapour back into the water. Alkaline water is obtained by adding an alkaline filter to the tap and increasing the pH level of the water with it. The major difference is, the distillation process removes all the essential minerals from the water. It reduces the number of total dissolved solids to almost zero. This posesses a huge problem as the water it produces has no minerals in it. Drinking distilled water has many side effects. These effects of drinking distilled water last very long.

Mineralization in water is highly important. These minerals are calcium, potassium, magnesium, and others which protect our body against mineral deficiency. Mineral-rich water fills a gap left by a deficiency in the diet. Alkaline water gives water that is full of minerals. This is where it differs from distilled water and takes more importance.

Why you must choose alkaline water:

Why you must choose alkaline water

An alkaline water filter such as BioPlus’ H2AAA filter , increases the pH of the water making it alkaline. Along with this, it replenishes water with all the important minerals. This essentially negates the adverse effects caused by the demineralization of your drinking water. Distilled water has a better taste which can be pleasing to many people. But it is devoid of any health benefits. It also doesn’t hydrate as well as alkaline water. Distilled water is known to cause electrolyte imbalance in the body. Alkaline water maintains the electrolytes in the body and keeps the body energized. It is one of the advantages of alkaline water.

It is quite clear that distilled water is not the right choice for healthy long-term consumption. It is best used in chemistry labs only. The human body is not the place it should be in. Benefits of drinking alkaline water, on the other hand, are far more. It helps in protection against free radicals, mineral deficiencies and acidity. It is time to choose alkaline water for routine consumption. Contact BioPlus for alkaline filters now.

Alkaline Water Diet for Cancer Patients

You know the benefits of alkaline water. But do you know it can help cancer patients as well? This is the thing everyone is keen to know. Should cancer patients drink alkaline water? Or is alkaline water good for cancer? The answer to every question is yes. Cancer patients can use an alkaline water diet during their treatment and by doing so recover quicker. Every organ and every fluid in our body has some pH level. And every pH level matters. It plays a huge role in managing our health. The pH of whatever we consume also matters a lot. To put things in perspective, alkaline water has a pH above 7. Regular tap water has a neutral pH of 7.

Alkaline water and cancer have a real link. And this link can help in the prevention and treatment of the disease. Alkaline water usually comes from natural springs. But it can be made in your own home with the help of ionizers and/or alkaline water filters. So, it can be taken during the treatment more easily. Let’s understand exactly how an alkaline water diet helps in cancer.

How much water pH matters for cancer patients?

How much water pH matters for cancer patients?

Many studies show that cancer cells grow far more in an acidic environment. Regular consumption of alkaline water reduces the acidity of our body. It helps manage the pH of our body and thus provides a less friendly environment for cancer cells. Alkaline water also maintains the pH of the blood and helps counteract the acid. It helps improve metabolism and increases the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. Higher pH in our body slows or stops cancer cell growth.

How alkaline water is useful for cancer patients:

How alkaline water is useful for cancer patients

Cancer tumors are acidic in nature. They grow more in acidic systems. Having alkaline water negates the acidity in the body. When the pH of the body is higher, the cancer cells have no way to penetrate the body. Even when they’re present, they start to die. However, this alone doesn’t suffice to fight against cancer. The treatment is very much needed but alkaline water can be a really useful companion for the treatment. It aids in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Only alkaline water will not save you from cancer. You need to follow a complete alkaline water diet to reap the full benefits of it. Cancer treatment can be accompanied by a diet that has more alkaline water and food that keeps the pH high. This can help you recover from cancer faster.

What is an alkaline water diet for cancer patients?

When you’re having cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc., it is important to stay hydrated. These treatments induce nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. All of them can lead to dehydration. So, hydration is highly important with the treatment. Now alkaline water has been shown to provide a hostile environment for cancer cells. And it also provides really good hydration which is far better than regular water.

Alkaline water diet includes alkaline water consumption which is about 3-4 liters per day. Then there are many foods that can be eaten with alkaline water which help get the pH higher than 7. These foods are soy, beans, lentils, etc. Having an alkaline diet regularly can help in controlling blood pressure and body temperature. Adapting an alkaline diet can really help in the recovery of cancer patients.

Alkaline water is highly beneficial for cancer patients as it slows the growth of cancer cells. It is a very good hydrator as well. It has been a proven companion in the journey of recovery from cancer. You need to get it right away for quicker recovery. Get your alkaline water at home with BioPlus’ ionizer and water filter. Contact us.

How Much Water Is Essential to Your Body?

Want to know why every piece of health advice starts with staying hydrated? Let us tell you why. Water is not just to satisfy your thirst. It does a lot more. Water is an essential part of our diet. The health benefits of water are monumental. It keeps the body functioning properly. It helps keep it energized throughout the day and makes you healthy. Every organ system in our body is dependent on having water to function properly. But the question is how much? How much water is helpful to function optimally?

This is a question surrounding many minds. And this is the question we will try to answer. Water is important but the degree of the importance is always overlooked. Let’s understand the science behind it in detail.

Water is important but the degree of the importance is always overlooked

Water cleanses our body of waste:

Your body needs water every day because the human body uses different ways to remove waste. It can come out as urine, sweat, or stool. For every one of these, you need water. You need water to replenish the amount lost from sweat. You need water to have healthy bowel movements. Kidneys have a job to filter the waste out. With enough supply of water, the kidneys run efficiently. Water helps prevent kidney stones from forming. This is where alkaline water plays a huge role. It doesn’t let minerals accumulate in the kidneys.

Water helps in digestion:

Having fiber-rich foods can help prevent constipation. But you also need a healthy dose of alkaline water to go with it. You need to have enough water for fiber to absorb and make a softer stool. An adequate amount of water helps in bowel movement. Having water before, during, and after meals helps in breaking down the food. It makes it easier for the body to digest the food. When the food is digested thoroughly, the bowel movement improves. To get the best out of your meals, have alkaline water along with it.

Water saves you from dehydration:

When your body doesn’t get enough water, it experiences a condition of dehydration. In mild dehydration, a person feels very thirsty and tired. But when it gets severe, dehydration can damage our organs and induce severe complications like swelling in your brain, seizures, kidney failure, etc. Hydration helps maintain an adequate electrolyte balance for optimal body functions. Alkaline water is known for its superior hydration quality. It hydrates way better than regular water. It helps you make up for lost volume very easily.

Water keeps the cardiovascular system healthy

Blood is made up of water. Water plays a huge part being the plasma of the blood. When the water intake is less, the blood becomes thicker and more concentrated. This also leads to an electrolyte imbalance in the body. Thicker blood means the blood pressure gets higher. It takes a toll on the heart. Alkaline water keeps the blood moving. It keeps the body hydrated for a longer period of time. With an adequate water supply, the heart muscles stay healthy and heart function also improves. All of these are important to keep a healthy cardiovascular system.

These are some alkaline water benefits for the body. Water is highly important for our body and alkaline water just does a better job than regular water in keeping us healthier. The good news is, you can get healthy alkaline water right at your home with various alkaline filters. Choose from the wide range of alkaline filters from BioPlus. Contact us now.

Importance of minerals in drinking water you should know

Do you know exactly what goes into your body when you take a sip of water? It’s okay if you don’t. Many people are unaware of the water they’re drinking. In fact, many of them don’t even give it a thought. But everyone should. Water is an essential and indispensable substance for human survival. It plays an important part in the function of the body. It is the main component of the human body. Every bodily fluid is made up of water like blood, saliva, urine, synovial fluid, etc. Drinking healthy water is more important than you think. It gives many benefits than just satisfying thirst.

Molecularly it is just two hydrogen and one oxygen. But what is dissolved in it makes a lot of difference. Water contains essential minerals and trace elements. Water is a rich source of such minerals for our body. The elements and minerals in drinking water are in ionized form so they can be absorbed very easily in our body. There are many benefits to drinking mineralized water. Here are some of them.

Benefits of mineralized drinking water:

Benefits of mineralized drinking water:

Mineralized water aids in weight loss:

Water has always been very important in losing weight. Minerals in drinking water help create a sense of fullness when you drink it regularly. When you feel full, you have less need for meals. Thus you don’t overeat.

It provides nutrition:

Our body requires proper nutrition. Mineralized water provides essential vitamins and minerals which fulfils our body’s needs. Minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium are very important for the body. These dissolved minerals keep the body healthy by boosting immunity.

It makes skin healthier

Drinking water keeps the body hydrated. Mineralized water can do the job way better than regular water. When the body is hydrated there is no excess oil production from the oil glands and the skin stays healthy and wrinkle free.

It helps prevents kidney damage

Mineralized water is always better for kidney health. Kidneys function on an optimum level when there are enough minerals in the body. If there is a lack of minerals, kidneys can be damaged and the damage can cause more problems in the long term.

The benefits of mineralized drinking water are huge. But the problem is we unknowingly drink demineralized water on a regular basis. RO water is devoid of any mineral and trace elements. This is why it is important to have mineralized alkaline water. It is time to switch to mineralized alkaline water from BioPlus. Call now and stay healthy!

How is alkaline water ionizer helpful in managing blood pressure?

Want to manage your blood pressure with ease? Then you might be interested in what we bring to you. Every doctor would suggest drinking a recommended amount of water every day to manage blood pressure. Hydration helps in keeping the pressure maintained. It also improves energy, mood, and clarity. But there is something that helps you way above the regular benefits. It will not only hydrate you better but also improve blood health. And it is only a one-time investment. It is an Ionizer.

Ionizer provides fresh alkaline water which has a higher pH than regular drinking water. The pH level is a scale that measures the number of hydrogen ions in a solution. pH higher than 7 makes the solution alkaline and pH lower than 7 makes it acidic. Alkaline water has been proven to be helpful in managing blood pressure in many patients. Let’s see how.

Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol:

Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol:

Alkaline water has detoxifying properties. It also has antioxidants in it in large quantities. These properties lead to diabetes management. They maintain blood sugar in diabetes patients and help them manage their diabetes with ease. It has been seen that higher pH of water reduces blood viscosity. This lowered viscosity makes the blood thinner. It helps in managing the cholesterol in the body.

Management of blood pressure:

Management of blood pressure:

Alkaline water is known to decrease the thickness and stickiness of the blood. This helps in reducing cardiovascular strain on the body. It also hydrates the body way better than regular tap water. This also aids in the management of blood pressure. Alkaline water decreases the viscosity of the blood which makes it flow better in the blood vessels. This makes the cardiovascular system highly efficient. Even after a high intensity workout, the blood stays thinner as you drink alkaline water at regular intervals. This has shown a decrease in blood pressure even after intense physical activities.

It also improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Both of these properties help manage diabetes. Improved metabolism helps keep the blood flowing in the proper way. Alkaline water also helps in oxygen delivery throughout the body. Overall with all of these benefits, blood flows more efficiently with alkaline water in your system.

Alkaline water has numerous benefits and its management in blood pressure is one of the most prominent ones. Alkaline water ionizer gives alkaline water which can be consumed throughout the day. It helps in the management of not only blood pressure but also blood sugar and cholesterol. It is a one-time expense for anyone who wants to manage these diseases. Take the right step with an alkaline water ionizer. Contact us now.

Effects of long term consumption of hydrogen rich water in athletes

What would you do if you find out there is one molecule which can effectively boost performance, recovery, alertness, and metabolism? Your game would be taken up to a new level if you can consume this molecule every day. And the good news is, this molecule is available in your drinking water. The molecule is hydrogen. It is already present in your body. But when you consume hydrogen water on a regular basis, you get a high amount of hydrogen which can help you achieve a peak athlete body.

So what is hydrogen water exactly? Hydrogen water has the molecule H2 which is a hydrogen molecule, dissolved in it. Now water is already made up of hydrogen and oxygen. And our body is made up of water. So the body already has hydrogen in it. But it provides therapeutic benefits when it is delivered as a free molecule. For athletes, it is highly beneficial.

Let’s see how it can benefit athletes:

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

Boosts exercise capacity

Hydrogen water improves cardiorespiratory fitness. It helps you do more and take your exercise regime to the next level. It increases the time of exhaustion during exercises. This helps athletes do more than usual and get an edge over the competition.

Increases harmony

Hydrogen is a molecule that can regulate different processes in our body. It has rejuvenating effects which are backed by improvement in energy and metabolic health. When it is present abundantly in the body, the whole body works in harmony which is highly beneficial for athletes.

Gives quicker recovery

When you exercise, your body builds up lactic acid. This lactic acid is the reason behind slow and painful recovery. Hydrogen water is known to have properties that lower lactate levels in the body after high exercise. This helps recovery be quicker.

Improves aerobic performance

It has been seen that hydrogen water lowers heart rate during exercises. It improves the cardiovascular fitness of athletes which leads to higher aerobic performance in them.

Lowers training stress

Many times when you overdo exercises, your body experiences oxidative stress. It also leads to higher inflammation in the body. Drinking hydrogen water regularly helps balance oxidative stress and reduces inflammation.

Hydrogen water has been known to have numerous health benefits. It is especially very useful for athletes with the benefits given above. It is time to switch to hydrogen-rich water and enhance your performance. Contact us for hydrogen rich water bottle now.

Does RO Water Purification Remove Healthy Minerals?

The short answer is yes. But the long answer is a bit tricky. If you care for your health, you need to read the long answer. We have been drinking purified water for ages without giving it a second thought. But we really should. We see purification as the ultimate way of making the water healthy. It removes harmful substances from the water like microbes, toxins, loose particles, etc. It is how every drinking water is made and it is why it’s considered healthy. But the truth is really far from it.

Water purification systems like RO are really good at removing harmful substances. It works as a fine mesh which helps remove particles of a small size. These particles include various microbes, harmful elements, dirt, etc. But in doing so, it does more harm than good. Let’s understand how.

How it all started:

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

Minerals are naturally present in the water. Groundwater has essential minerals dissolved into it. The amount of minerals in the water depends on the region. Some regions have hard water which means the total dissolved solids (TDS) are higher in the water. Some regions have soft water which has TDS in the water. It can be used very well for cleaning and bathing. But for drinking, this posed a problem for everyone. People wanted to find a solution. In doing so, they come across purification or reverse osmosis.

Water purification does what it is intended to. It filters the water and gives us so-called mineral water. It is a misguided term. It cannot be called mineral water when it filters out healthy minerals. RO also works on the same principle. It filters the water by the process of reverse osmosis. This process is important. It helps make the water drinkable. But it also does harm to the water. With removing harmful substances it also removes essential minerals.

It is very well documented that alkaline water is helpful in treating acidity. You need to find a permanent solution for heartburn or else it can lead to GERD which is a very serious gastrointestinal disease. It is time to switch to healthy antioxidant mineralizing alkaline water. Visit our website for alkaline filters now.

What’s the solution?

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

Daily intake of vitamins and minerals chart suggests a certain level of minerals like potassium, calcium for the body. We need to take it into account. Diet obviously provides us with nutrients and minerals. But water is also a rich source of these nutrients. And we consume it more often than food. It provides us with hydration. So it is quite obvious that we need to take care of it. The solution is unfortunately not a water filtration or purification.

It is mineralized antioxidant alkaline water. BioPlus’ alkaline filters produce mineralized alkaline water which is healthier. You just need to add the filter to your existing RO system. The system gives out demineralized water. And the alkaline filter adds minerals back into them. This is how the water is mineralized and rich in nutrients.

It is high time we understand the importance of healthy minerals in our water. It is time we invest in an alkaline filter. This is how you can make sure that your body gets what it needs. BioPlus provides different kinds of filters which can be used as per your need. Contact us for mineralized alkaline water now.

How water ionizer can help soothe your heartburn symptoms

Do you often suffer from heartburn every now and then? There is an effective solution for this problem. But first you need to understand how severe of a heartburn you have. Heartburn is a very common health issue faced by people. It affects their lifestyle in many ways. A heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest. It gets worse when you’re lying on the bed. It is caused by an acid reflux which reaches the upper esophagus. If ignored, it becomes more frequent and disrupts routine life. Many people manage it by changing their diet and taking OTC medicines.

The major reason behind heartburn is spicy foods, citrus fruits, fatty foods, etc. Usually when you eat, the muscles move in such a way that food travels to the stomach. It is then sealed in the stomach with a valve. When this valve is loosened, the acid backs up in the esophagus.

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

When to seek solutions for heartburn:

  • Frequency more than twice a week.
  • OTC drugs don’t relieve the pain.
  • Loss of appetite occurs.
  • Vomiting or nausea occurs.
  • Swallowing becomes painful.

You need to find a solution as soon as you experience such symptoms. And the solution needs to be permanent. Alkaline water is what you need to soothe your pain. Every food and drink has a certain pH. Your food has the pH below 7 which makes it acidic. It also causes acidity because of this and that leads to heartburn. Drinking water usually has a pH of 7 which is neutral. When you drink this neutral pH water everyday, it doesn’t have much effect on your acidity. When the pH is higher than 7, you get alkaline water. This water is highly beneficial for your health. One of its benefits includes decreasing the acidity of your body.

It effectively neutralizes your stomach acid and decreases chances of acidity. When it is consumed everyday regularly, the acid in your stomach is kept in control. It doesn’t increase with the acidic food that you’re eating because you’re neutralizing the excess acid with alkaline water. This isn’t a one time remedy however. It can be effective immediately in some cases. But if you want long term relief from acidity and heartburn, you need to consume it everyday. You need to replace your drinking water with alkaline water. And it is also simple enough. BioPlus Antioxidant Mineralising Alkaline filters can be installed directly to your tap. It gives out antioxidant alkaline water with added minerals. This oxidizing alkaline water will counter the acidity and make your lifestyle healthy.

It is very well documented that alkaline water is helpful in treating acidity. You need to find a permanent solution for heartburn or else it can lead to GERD which is a very serious gastrointestinal disease. It is time to switch to healthy antioxidant mineralizing alkaline water. Visit our website for alkaline filters now.

What is the difference between alkaline water & alkalized water

Want to know what makes your drinking water healthy? Your water has a pH. And that pH usually falls around 7, making it neutral. Here is where healthy alkaline water differs. Any kind of water with pH over 7 is considered alkaline. The process by which it got there doesn’t matter. If your water has pH more than 7, it is healthy antioxidant alkaline water. It is highly beneficial for your health when you drink it regularly. Now the pH of the water can be adjusted by many methods. In some regions the water has a higher pH naturally. In some places, it is so low that installing an alkaline filter becomes a necessity.

Our body is made up of more than 75% water. This makes it important that the water we drink is healthy. There is a lot of confusion among people about alkaline water and alkalized water. People consider one superior to the other based on their limited knowledge and experience. But there is a distinct difference between both of them. Let’s understand that difference so we can make healthy adjustments to our lifestyle.

How do Alkaline Water & Alkalized Water differ

How do Alkalized Water & Alkalized Water differ

Alkaline Water, as we know, has pH on the alkaline side. This pH is achieved through a chemical change in the composition of the water. Some places have organically high pH water but where it doesn’t, some minerals are added to the water. The pH is raised more than 7 by mineralizing the water. Synthetic minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. are added to the water and the pH is increased. This can be done via various methods but one of the most prominent and effective methods is installing an alkaline filter. Alkaline filters such as BioPlus H2AAA+ mineralizing alkaline water filters are small filters which can be connected to a tap or RO system. They effectively increase the pH and remineralize the water.

Alkalized Water also has a higher pH but the method through which it is attained is different. The pH is raised through electrical change in the water. This can be done through the process called electrolysis. This process gives out alkaline ionized water from the natural chemistry of the water. It doesn’t add any chemical compounds like calcium into the water. It is done through a system called alkaline water ionizer such as BioPlus IonGen alkaline water ionizer. It can be installed in your kitchen and takes very little space. It gives healthy alkalized water without any hassle.

The method by which you get your healthy water doesn’t matter much. What matters is you have healthy water everyday and keep your body fit. We have a large line of products of different filters and ionizers which can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Visit our website for alkaline filters and ionizers now.